How to write a book?

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Por Francisco Gonçalo dos Santos Júnior

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to give you some tips about how to write a book. Specially in English, we need to observe that most part of the time our readers, our potential target, won’t be familiar with some words. Hence, writing in English is a huge challenge.

We commonly notice people expressing their dream job is to be a writer. However, some subjects found around the world don’t deserve the same attention and should be written. Therefore, some ideas ought to be bare and reviewed, if you want it to receive honors and acknowledgments.

Here is a simple checklist. :

1 – Select a theme/subject

This is the first point. We can write about everything. Whereas we need to have a focus, an issue, you need to cut somethings off, eliminating unnecessary foolish, maintaining your text with a conscious purpose and making it a reference to everyone who wishes to look for this theme. You can start building up your own intellectual propriety.

2 – Think about its relevance

As you know a lot of things have been written by a lot of writers. Otherwise, you can think out of the box and see something different in a ready job. Considering different points of view you just explore other ways to go through a walked path, as J.K. Rowling who had just created a new wizard world based on previews experiences.

3 – Create your own system

Once you made up your mind to write you must choose a way to do it. Which are the most important points that should be exposed in your book? What’s the order you’re going to follow in order to make it comprehensive? How do these indications will guide the reader to your major argument? 

4 – Review, review, review…

Writing a book demands a lot of patient and persistence. Remember that, once it is published, you can’t go back. Than analyzing all your outputs and rechecking your words is a great way to prioritize your main ideas instead of ordinary things. You can be more succinct and present the thoughts in a non-obvious pattern.

5 – Submit to someone else’s opinion

You don’t detain the truth. Being less selfish and showing it to your parents, relatives, friends, coworker and so on can help you refresh the hints os views and even construct a whole new text. An open-minded writer can be more successful than a stubborn one. Your book is going to belong to everyone who’s interested in it.

These are my suggestions. Here is teacher Francisco saying: see you soon!

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