12 Useful Phrasal Verbs

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12 Useful Phrasal Verbs

Por Teacher Camila Mori

Call off – to cancel  – E.g . I need to call off our plans for Saturday, I’, going to work.

Carry on – to continue –  E.g. Just carry on what you’re doing. It’s a great job!

Come across – to find or meet by chance – E.g. I came across Julia last night! I didn’t know she was back in town !

Come up with – to think of something – E.g. – He needs to come up with a solution for problem soon!

Get along – to have a good relationship with somebody – E.g. My brother and I get along now but, when we were kids it was a different story.

Get away – to escape – E.g. Let’s get away before it gets dark.

Get over – to overcome a difficulty (for example) – E.g. You need to get over this !

Hold on – to wait – E.g. Hold on a minute, please. I’m still not ready.

Pass out – to become unconscious – E.g. She passed out from the heat !

Put off – to postpone – E.g. I’m not ready today, can we put off until Monday ?

Put up with – to tolerate – E.g. I put up with a lot in my old job.

Watch out – be careful – E.g. Watch out!

Don’t drop the vase ! See you next time ! Teacher Camila

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